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100% spun spun polyester thobe shirt fabrics
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100% spun spun polyester thobe shirt fabrics

100% polyester spun spun fabrics, arabic thobe fabrics, muslim dress fabric
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100% polyester spun spun fabrics ,microfiber fabrics solid dyed color


Arabic thobe fabrics can be also called Muslim dress fabric/robe fabrics/ Mideast dress fabrics and so on


Superfine denier fabrics also names microfiber fabrics. it is more thinner and smaller than the regular fibers, it is one kind of polyester fibers


It's very fluffy and more softness than usual fibers, and has good lustrous like the silks , and have good ability of absorption , non wrinkled, warm keeping, mildew resistant, moth resistant, light, waterproof and so on.


The clothes made of this superfine denier yarn has the character of comfortable, beautiful, warm keeping, breathable, as well as good dropablity and fullness.  warm in winter and cool in summer


Specifications for reference


Arabic Thobe Fabric


T48*150D 120*80

T48*T48 110*86

T48*150D 110*86

T48*T48 120*80

T32*150D 120*80

T32*150D 96*78

T32*32  94*78

T48*48  133*76

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