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Waistband use woven interlinings without coating
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Waistband use woven interlinings without coating

Waistband interlining,
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Waistband use woven interlinings without coating

without coating interlining also name non fusible interlining, Resin Interlining, non coating interlinings.

It's mainly used for waistband and can be with different handfeels. 

Regular types as the following:

C2060R 100% C 20*20 43/44 170gsm W 4H
C2056R 100%C 20*20 43/44 155gsm W 3H
C2160R 100%C 21*21 43/44 147gsm W 3H
4588R T/C65/35 45*45 43/44 85gsm OW MH
4554R TC65/35 45*45 43/44 80gsm W 3H
4558R T/C65/35 45*45 43/44 85gsm B H
2350R T/C80/20 23*23 43/44 106gsm GB M
4584R T/C80/20 45*45 43/44 80gsm OW H
T2160R 100%T 21*21 43/44 130gsm W H
T2348R 100%T 23*23 43/44 124gsm W 2H

You can choose the type you are interested, or inform us your information for check . 

Welcome your inquiry.                                                                       

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