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T/C65/35 Polycotton Woven fusible interlinings 88*64
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T/C65/35 Polycotton Woven fusible interlinings 88*64

TC Woven Interlining, T88, 43/44" ,
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T/C65/35 Polycotton Woven fusible interlinings 88*64 

Specification: T/C65/35 45*45 88*64 43/44"

Coating: HDPE, LDPE. PA, PES as required

Weight: 108gsm , 110gsm etc

Handfeel: Soft, M, H, 2H, 3H etc

Color: White, Offwhite, Black, Grey,.

 Fusible Interlining using standard
items PE S V A LDPE
 Technical With HDPE Coating                       PES Point coating  EVA Pointing coating  PA point coating
LDPE Point coating 
   press polish No press polish press polish  No press polish press polish
coatings weight 30-32gsm 9gsm 14gsm 15-20gsm  
application  Men and women shirts collars and cuffs      men and women suit shirts,coats etc  men and women casual clothes,caps, decrations,leathers etc  men and women suits,work shirts and pants  shoes,caps,decorations ,curtains etc.
washing standared  wash durability,poor drying cleanings. Stiff  good dry cleanings, and washable   Washable, and no dry cleaning  dry clearings, washable, no hot washing.  washable, no dry cleanings
characteristic strong bond strength strong bond strength strong bond strength ,soft hand feeling strong bond strength ,soft hand feeling strong bond strength 
heated flat bed press press temperature 165-175 135-145 125-135 145-155 125-150
press strength 2-3kgsm 1-2.5kgsm 1-2kgsm (iron suitable) 0.5-1.5kgsm 1-2kgsm (iron suitable)
times 15-20seconds 15-20seconds 10-15seconds 12-18seconds 10-19seconds
Advice and Notice 
1.different interlining have different bond conditioins, should refer to the technical data when production
2.Bond test before productions is necessory to make the finished interlinings in good bond strength.
3.No threads, dirty between fabrics and interlinings to make the bonding in good conditions.
4.After the interlinings and fabrics bond together, then pealing it off ,if the hotmelt glue stay average , it proves the bond fusible conditions is good, otherwise, it need to be test again.
5.Flat, No shrink,no bubble,No glue penetration. keep the flat clean when starts the pressing
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